Welcome to Podium Pundits

The goal of Podium Pundits is to bring together former presidential speechwriters from both Democratic and Republican administrations to analyze major speeches and messaging strategy. The initial contributors to the blog will come from the White House Writers Group (WHWG) and the West Wing Writers (WWW). WHWG was founded by former Reagan and Bush 41 speechwriters and WWW by former Clinton speechwriters. Their first object of analysis will be President-Elect Obama’s Inaugural Address.

In the weeks before the address, the contributors will be highlighting what they think Obama needs to do in the speech. We might also have an interview with the current Obama speech writing staff. During this time we’ll be inviting former presidential speechwriters not associated with either firm to join us in our effort.

Please share your comments about what you think Obama needs to do in his Inaugural Address or on any other related topic. We look forward to hosting a conversation on the nature and substance of political rhetoric. Eventually we intend to broaden our scope to other major political and corporate speeches.

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