Exactly who is dragging their feet here?

I agree with Ed, but it doesn’t seem to me the Republicans are being obstructionist or even appearing that way, despite the President’s efforts to convey that impression. They’re not just standing athwart the stimulus bill saying “No,” they’re providing alternatives which might actually have a stimulatory effect and – another plus – seem to have the strong support in the polls.

The USA Today/Gallup poll released today, which shows approval of the current bill dropping by 12 points since January 11, also shows that 59 percent agree with the Republicans that tax cuts for business are the best way to go, as opposed to 22 percent who favor more government spending. And by 48 percent to 41 percent Americans want  to shave the bill by $200 billion.

The American people also want a bi-partisan bill, at least partly because they don’t trust either party to get something this big completely right. But Obama either doesn’t want to compromise or – as Clark as suggested – is too weak to stand up to Pelosi-Reed. So he builds up the sense of urgency while accusing the Reps of “foot-dragging.”

His communications problem here is that he is counting on the American people being less informed than they actually are. If American’s so overwhelmingly support the Republican compromises – including tax cuts and paring the overall cost – which the Democratic leadership is refusing to accept, then who exactly is dragging their feet?

As usual, Paul and John at Power Line are right on target here, saying that Obama is “diminishing himself” by carrying Nancy Pelosi’s water for her and making bankrupt arguments that the American people know are dumb.

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