An Interesting Talk by Jeff Immelt

immelt-2What comes to mind when you hear the words, “manufacturing economy?”

If you said, “China today” or “the United States, 30 years ago,” you’d be in the mainstream.   Conventional wisdom long ago abandoned the idea of America as a manufacturing economy.  We’re a consumption-led, services-based economy now.  Right?

In this speech before the Detroit Economic Club (transcript here), GE CEO Jeff Immelt introduces a novel concept:  that America cannot make it as a services-led economy alone–that instead, America should refocus on rebuilding our manufacturing base and becoming, in his words, a leading exporter once again.

Immelt delivered the speech the same day GE announced the opening of a new Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center just outside Detroit, which will create more than 1,100 jobs.

Good stuff.  Immelt reportedly wrote this one himself.  Could have used a bit more practice, though.  The delivery is choppy.  The guess here is that if he did practice it, he practiced wearing reading glasses, and then decided to deliver the speech without them.

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  • barbour56347

    To developed the economy his advise is being so more effective and we need to go ahead according his way. I hope technology is also so more needed for us in here.