Max Atkinson on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute

An excerpt of our friend Max Atkinson’s take on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute:

Of the all the tributes to Edward Kennedy I’ve heard over the past couple of days, the one that stood out for me came from Vice-president Joe Biden.

A bit long, maybe, but there were moments of genuine sincerity that could perhaps only have been said by someone who’d lost a wife and child in a road accident and knew from his own experience the importance of support from friends and relations when you’re struggling to come to terms with such trauma.

Interestingly, two of the most quoted passages from Biden’s speech came from the following short sequence – one was a simple piece of imagery – “he was kind of like an anchor” – and the other a reasserted contrast “it was never about him. It was always about you. It was never about him.”

Read the rest here.

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