Whole Foods Republicans

At last, we have been recognized.

For years, my wife and I have driven Volvos.  We go to a liberal church, vacation in liberal places, once lived in San Francisco, and watch Showtime’s Californication. And yes, we shop at Whole Foods.

Something about our consumer profile prompts liberal activist groups and Democratic precinct captains to come knocking on our doors around election time.  Brother, are they wasting their time.  We vote Republican.  And we vote not for liberal Republicans, but for tough-minded conservative Republicans like Virginia’s Bob McDonnell.

Don't forget the herbal tea on the way out.

Don't forget the herbal tea on the way out.

You could call me a rock-ribbed Republican, if only I could still find my ribs.

Now, at long last, our species has been identified and classified by the Hoover Institution’s Michael J. Petrilli in The Wall Street Journal.

To win our votes, he writes:

“The first step is to stop denigrating intelligence and education.  President George W. Bush’s bantering about being a ‘C’student may have enamored ‘the man in the street,’ but it surely discouraged more than a few ‘A’ students from feeling like part of the team.

“The same is true for Mrs. Palin’s inability to name a single newspaper she reads.  If the GOP doesn’t want to be branded the ‘Party of Stupid,’ it could stand to nominate more people who can speak eloquently on complicated policy matters.”

And who like line-caught Scottish salmon with a nice Zin.

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