Hooray for Google!

When faced with intellectual theft or subversion by the regime in Beijing, many Fortune 500 have spines of Jello. This is bad enough when a company quietly allows its hard-earned competitive products to be lifted.  It is immoral when companies cooperate with Chinese authorities by helping them crack down on democratic dissidents.

One company has found its spine.  Don’t-Be-Evil Google has publicly announced that the Chinese hacked into their corporate site looking to track dissidents.  The company is threatening to pull out of China.  It is putting ideals before profits, and good behavior before shareholder returns.

All of the major technology companies have had to walk a thin line between the world’s biggest market and doing right.  Google made the right call this time.  The Big G deserves a slap on the back.  Let’s hope this is a trend. google-1

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  • michael57658

    When you want to work with your partner then surely you don’t want to be betrayed. It is really a bad way to responds by hacking them. At least google let them get back what they had.