SC Gingrich Blowout

In his acceptance speech tonight, Newt Gingrich showed the power of the podium. He set the foundation for pulling his rivals behind him, should he win the nomination. He praised their speeches of the evening and said they are collectively representative of the nation. More, he began to define the fall campaign: Declaration of Independence America v. Alinsky America. All four candidates have reached to define the election but Gingrich has been the most effective. Have we ever seen a race turn so completely on two debate performances in a single week?

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  • Benson

    Good Point Clark! I agree.
    Newt is also a great candidate because he is secure enough to compliment his opponents in the race.
    He is not just "smart" but he brings to the presidency Wisdom. The kind of Wisdom that helps guard us from making the foolish and distructive mistakes of leaders and nations in the past.


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