GOP Debate #1: Romney’s authenticity gap

Listening to the candidates debate tonight, I come away with one overriding feeling, a result both of how they delivered their remarks and what they actually said: Romney has memorized a series of positions; Gingrich has thought every issue through and is fully and emotionalluy committed to it. Though not close to catching a break in the polls, Santorum and Paul communicate depth and conviction, too, just like Newt. Romney may share that clarity of thought and intensity of feeling, as well, but he doesn’t convey it. It is hard to imagine him coming out ahead in Florida and later primaries until he closes this authenticity gap.

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  • Hampton4camp

    Hi guys hope what I have to offer could get to Mr. Gingrich ASAP IF you deem the following helpful.

    1. Voice projection needs to be AUTHORITATIVE WITH A SLOWER, LOWER pitch.

    2. Platform catchphrases needed.

    3. As former President Reagan demonstrated so well, PASSION so overwhelming with conviction

    That citizens of our country forgot about the other candidates. As Mr Howard blogged earlier–

    Now is the time for a loving spoonful of POSITIVE RHETORIC administered every four hours!

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