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We Beamed You In . . .

How would the media cover the moon landing today?  This video gives a taste.  The Wolf Blitzer moment is priceless.

A Word About My Partner . . .

Before she met and married her wonderful husband, Dave, my partner Vinca LaFleur was known as Vinca Showalter.  I write because it is a big month in the Showalter family. Vinca’s mom, Elaine Showalter, is one of the founders of feminist literary criticism in United States academia, a leading writer on social and cultural issues, […]

Women are Way More Interesting on Palin Than Men

By this point, America is probably about Sarah-Palined out, at least for this round.  Everyone has an opinion on her announcement, and her future.   I find the most interesting pieces over the past few days have come from women — like  Ruth Marcus and Amanda Fortini — while wishing Peggy Noonan had weighed in, as […]

It Came From Wasilla (Why Can’t It Go Back?)

I’m having a hard time deciding whether Todd Purdum’s exhaustive profile of Sarah Palin in the new issue of Vanity Fair just isn’t that interesting, or if she’s just not that interesting.  I think it’s the latter. Every revelation here, aside from the news that Mark McKinnon helped prepare the Governor for her debate against […]