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Obama’s Afghanistan Speech: The Good and the Ugly

Despite pronouncing the word “Taliban” as if he were a calypso singer, President Obama sounded and looked strong and confident in his Afghanistan-themed address last night. The optics were right, as the president was joined by row upon row of sharply dressed officers-in-waiting. The pace of the speech was good – the president not getting […]

Obama Re-Loaded: The Afghanistan Speech

Tonight, President Obama addresses the nation about his plan for Afghanistan. Presidents are at their most presidential when talking to the country about foreign affairs, particularly war, and President Obama has an opportunity to shine tonight. While Clark has elsewhere questioned the setting for the president’s remarks, I believe the US Military Academy at West […]

David Obey Gets It Right

Kudos to House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (hold on a sec … waiting to see if my head explodes … nope, good) for seeing the war in Afghanistan as something we should all pay for. According to ABC News, the Wisconsin Democrat, who opposes deepening our involvement in Afghanistan, said that if we’re going […]

Carl Levin Leads the Tax Brigade

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin has shown an uncanny ability to be wrong about almost every issue involving Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade. This weekend, he’s come up with another doozy. According to Bloomberg, the Michigan Democrat is proposing a tax on higher earners – say it with me now, individuals […]

A Muscular Meeting Strategy

Politico’s Mike Allen prints a White House statement about the National Security Council meeting held yesterday to discuss the president’s options in Afghanistan. Conclusion: The best way forward is more meetings – at least three more in the White House and many more with Congress, a process that will take weeks. This is the president’s prerogative. […]

Commander in Chief Visits Iraq

Who knew President Obama had one more rockstar welcome up his sleeve? AP reports the president was “cheered wildly” today when he spoke to and met with U.S. forces in Iraq. Much better than being fawned over by Europeans, right? About six weeks ago, the president delivered what I thought was a very impressive speech […]