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The Truth Works

By Thomas Daly, Guest Contributor It was so refreshing to hear the president yesterday. No big press conference, no convoluted statement just when talking about the Tom Daschle appointment for health secretary in an interview he said, “I screwed up”. I was so excited by this. Not by the fact that he “screwed up.” But […]

“I Screwed Up”

Tuesday afternoon President Obama tackled head-on the question of who’s to blame for the problems surrounding some of his nominees, including Tom Daschle.  “I think I messed up,” the president told Katie Couric. “I screwed up in not recognizing the perception that … ordinary people are out there paying taxes every day and whether it’s […]

Daschle’s Own Petard

With Tom Daschle now a victim of, among other things, his unreported use of a car and driver over the last few years, this video is making the rounds and getting laughs.

NY Times: Daschle Should Go

Quick follow up to my post on Tom Daschle yesterday. The New York Times today called for Daschle to step aside, citing both his tax screw-ups and his close, enriching ties to the health care industry. Daschle would be a big bird for the Times to take down. We’ll see how things develop. UPDATE: As of 12:50 […]

Taxing the President’s Credibility

Is President Obama’s good government message running off the rails? As much as the president may be trying hard to back up his words with actions, he seems to be falling short of the mark now that two Cabinet nominees have been caught playing fast and loose with their tax returns. Latest victim: Tom Daschle, […]