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Joe Biden Sets the Bar Low

Politico’s Mike Allen offers a blurb from Vice President Biden’s speech at the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner – the annual Democratic campaign gala – in Des Moines, Iowa. One part caught my eye. “We will not measure our success on the growth of the GDP, though its growth is necessary. We will judge our success on […]

Max Atkinson on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute

An excerpt of our friend Max Atkinson’s take on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute: Of the all the tributes to Edward Kennedy I’ve heard over the past couple of days, the one that stood out for me came from Vice-president Joe Biden. A bit long, maybe, but there were moments of genuine sincerity that could […]

Nobody Puts Biden in the Corner

On The Oprah Winfrey Show yesterday – the day before Inauguration Day – Jill Biden told the audience that Barack Obama gave her husband, Joe, the option of being either vice president or Secretary of State. Doh! Furthermore, Mrs. Biden suggested that her husband chose the VP slot because it would involve less travel, sort of the […]