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Contract with America: LARGE PRINT EDITION

The Republican Party is out today with a new Seniors’ Health Care Bill of Rights. As described by party chairman Michael Steele in the Washington Post, the guarantees include: Protecting, not cutting, Medicare; Prohibiting government from getting between seniors and their doctors; Outlawing any effort to ration health care based on age; Preventing government from […]

Michael Steele, from Cradle to Career

Michael Steele’s interview with GQ, posted online today, has generated buzz because of Steele’s remarks on abortion. He uses the word “choice,” which triggered alarms across the right-wing and mainstream media. In context, Steele’s remarks on abortion may be a little looser than one expects from a Republican Party chairman, but they are in line […]

Tuesday Hat Trick

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is on the “inherited” beat today, as he testifies before the House Ways and Means Committee. Geithner’s an interesting case because, on the one hand, he wasn’t in Washington as recent spending was turning into deficits; on the other hand, he was an architect of the TARP program that made a substantial contribution […]

Steeling for a Primary

Last week, new RNC chairman Michael Steele generated some buzz when he said in a Washington Times interview that Republicans would be developing an “off-the-hook” messaging strategy to connect to a wider cross-section of voters. More interesting, I thought, was Steele’s assertion that developing a deep bench of prospective GOP candidates would be his top priority, rather […]