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Last Call

During the holidays Clark called me and said, “Ed, you’re lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground.” And I said, “What?!?” And he said, “Oh, nevermind, it’s just something I’ve been working on with a client. It probably won’t go anywhere. “The real reason I’m calling is this….” He went on to […]

The Eternal Sunshine of the Speaker’s Mind

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this Friday about the earthquake in Haiti: “From my own experience with earthquakes, being from San Francisco, I think that this can be an opportunity for a real boom economy in Haiti…. It can leapfrog all over its past challenges – economically, politically, and demographically in terms of the rich […]

Voices of Moderation

Last night, President Obama appeared on Late Show with David Letterman to reaffirm his position that people who oppose government health care are nuts, while he is just another in a string of great leaders who’ve tried to “bring about significant changes” in American life. You know, FDR, Reagan, Obama. (I think I found a kindred […]

Health Care for Free! Yay!

Here’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explaining to Politico why she wants to lift the income level at which the proposed surtax to pay for a government takeover of health care would kick in: “I’d like it to go higher than it is,” Pelosi said Friday. The speaker would like the trigger raised to $500,000 for individuals and […]

A Perfect Rhetorical Storm

Russian Czar president prime minister Valdimir Putin delivered a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos today and, God help me, I read it. One thing I learned is that Putin is a fan of banal metaphors. For instance: “Regardless of their political or economic system, all nations have found themselves in the same […]