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Worst Cocktail Party Ever?

Politico has some videos it describes as “Pundits on town hall tempers.” After seeing this Brady Bunch-style image teasing the clips, I took some Pepto Bismal and clicked over here.

The Great Uncommunicator?

You know things are getting dicey in Obamaland when the highly regarded Politico runs a full page Friday story titled, “Lesson: Communications Is More Than Eloquence — Obama’s campaign messaging skills not translating to office.” Politico says the problem has many sources.  Messages go from gloomy talk to happy talk and back to gloomy in […]

Cheney Speaks, Conservative Pulses Quicken

Former vice president Dick Cheney sat with Politico for a wide ranging interview earlier this week, going on the record more forcefully than I expected to see just two weeks after the new team’s inauguration. Cheney asserted that the Bush Administration’s controversial post-9/11 security policies were responsible for preventing attacks on the United States, and suggested that in […]