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Sarah Palin in Asia

Sarah Palin spoke on Wednesday to an investor conference in Hong Kong. The Wall Street Journal published excerpts. Recognizing the limitations of reading excerpts, a few concerns arose. Governor Palin’s remarks were organized under a loose banner of “common sense.” For instance, she described herself as a “common sense conservative” and said “common sense” is […]

Boldy Going … North to the Future

Here’s Sarah Palin’s farewell speech from this weekend. Here’s William Shatner giving the beginning of the speech a poetic twist on last night’s Tonight Show.

Vanity Fair Edits Sarah Palin … Poorly

Under the category of “never waste an opportunity to point out what a dope Sarah Palin is,” Vanity Fair edits her resignation announcement “to whip it into publishable shape.” Which would be awesome if Sarah Palin had written a piece for Vanity Fair. But she made a speech to the people of her state and to millions […]

Women are Way More Interesting on Palin Than Men

By this point, America is probably about Sarah-Palined out, at least for this round.  Everyone has an opinion on her announcement, and her future.   I find the most interesting pieces over the past few days have come from women — like  Ruth Marcus and Amanda Fortini — while wishing Peggy Noonan had weighed in, as […]

Good Sports

I recently remarked on Sarah Palin’s use of a basketball analogy, since I can’t think of many female politicians who regularly drop sports references into their speeches (though as Wash Post columnist Ruth Marcus has aptly pointed out, after the point guard passes, does she typically walk off the court?). But speaking of sports analogies […]

Crazy Like a Fox?

Sarah Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska initially was hard to comprehend. Why would a woman who has huge (if not fully understood) potential within the Republican Party, but whose biggest liability is her lack of experience, leave her executive office? Her statement Friday wasn’t so much rambling as unorthodox. I thought it […]

Advancing in Another Direction?

Much chatter today about Governor Palin’s surprise announcement to step down.  Is this a move to further her presidential aspirations, or does it reflect a desire to step out of the national limelight?  Was she trying to protect her kids, whom she invoked repeatedly — and if so, if it was a purely personal decision, […]

It Came From Wasilla (Why Can’t It Go Back?)

I’m having a hard time deciding whether Todd Purdum’s exhaustive profile of Sarah Palin in the new issue of Vanity Fair just isn’t that interesting, or if she’s just not that interesting.  I think it’s the latter. Every revelation here, aside from the news that Mark McKinnon helped prepare the Governor for her debate against […]