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Welcome Ashley!

One of the most powerful communication moments during the presidential campaign was when then-candidate Barack Obama, in his extraordinary speech on race relations, told the story of Ashley Baia, a young volunteer who had gotten involved in the Obama campaign because of her experience as a little girl, when she ate mustard and relish sandwiches […]

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I …

Politico‘s Carol E. Lee, who evidently spends more time listening to and analyzing President Obama’s speeches than any other human, wrote today about the president’s habit of injecting personal anecdotes into his speeches: Listen carefully to Obama’s speeches, and there is almost always something personal. It might be a reference to a family member — […]

From “Pig Wobble” to the U.S. Senate

Mark was not impressed with newly appointed Senator Roland Burris’ first remarks on the Senate floor, primarily because the focus of the Senator’s statement was an enthusiastic endorsement of Eric Holder.  But leaving our own opinions of the new attorney general aside, I think it’s worth noting the way Senator Burris opened his remarks — […]

Thanks for the Memories

Storytelling is an indispensable part of successful speeches — from meta-narratives that join a speaker and audience in common cause, to humorous stories that build rapport and ease, to illustrative vignettes that bring to life key concepts or ideas. Yesterday, Senator Joe Biden’s emotional farewell to the U.S. Senate was a terrific collection of personal […]