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Max Atkinson on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute

An excerpt of our friend Max Atkinson’s take on Joe Biden’s Ted Kennedy tribute: Of the all the tributes to Edward Kennedy I’ve heard over the past couple of days, the one that stood out for me came from Vice-president Joe Biden. A bit long, maybe, but there were moments of genuine sincerity that could […]

John Kerry, Lyin’ of the Senate?

John Kerry is like an old toy you don’t think you like anymore, but then you pick it up after six months and you’re like, “Oh, yeah, I remember how fun this was!” Case in point: Here’s John Kerry, talking to Time magazine this weekend about health care reform and what it means to be […]

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009

Memories of Senator Ted Kennedy will be in many minds and hearts today and in the coming months. Here are links to two of Senator Kennedy’s more famous recent speeches: his endorsement of Barack Obama for president in the winter of 2008 and his rousing speech at least year’s Democratic convention. Both speeches exemplify the […]