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20 World Leaders in 17 Syllables

Got a yen for poetry? The Wall Street Journal reports on a haiku contest sponsored by a Pittsburgh nonprofit offering people the chance to opine on the upcoming G20 meeting in the city. The winning entry (which isn’t all that good in my opinion) will be displayed on a theater marquee near the event site. […]

They Can’t All Be Bloggers

Apparently teens and twenty-somethings these days aren’t very good at face-to-face interaction. Yahoo!’s “Working Guy” blogged about the phenomenon as explained by Mark Bauerlein in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece. The crux of the issue: the prevalence of social media and emailing have made face-to-face contact less necessary and, as a result, young […]

WTF, Chuck?

As people who use words — full words, often in complete sentences — to communicate, it’s easy for speechwriters to seem a little behind the times when it comes to new-fangled technology like the Twitter. 140 characters? Speechwriters can barely say hello in 140 characters. And while I recognize the communications benefits of Twitter — reaching the kids […]

Keeping Tweets Kosher

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the potential SEC pitfalls of corporate Twittering. The thesis: Companies that are using Twitter to talk about financial information need to be sure they’re not running afoul of SEC guidelines pertaining to communications with potential investors. Meanwhile, the SEC looks for ways to make its investor […]