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Women Seen and Heard

Forbes’ latest list of the world’s 100 most powerful women is out, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on top, FDIC  hero Sheila Bair at #2, and “performance with purpose” Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi at #3. Women to watch include Ursula Burns of Xerox, Chanda Kochhar of ICICI Bank, Johanna Sigurdardottir of Iceland, and Sallie Krawchek […]

Look to Norway

In 1942, FDR gave a speech remembered for its peroration:  “Look to Norway!”  Today, as the United States tries to right our economic wreckage, we might well heed that counsel again. Check out this piece from NPR this morning, which describes how Norway has not only survived but thrived during the current recession.  To be […]

Good Sports

I recently remarked on Sarah Palin’s use of a basketball analogy, since I can’t think of many female politicians who regularly drop sports references into their speeches (though as Wash Post columnist Ruth Marcus has aptly pointed out, after the point guard passes, does she typically walk off the court?). But speaking of sports analogies […]

Advancing in Another Direction?

Much chatter today about Governor Palin’s surprise announcement to step down.  Is this a move to further her presidential aspirations, or does it reflect a desire to step out of the national limelight?  Was she trying to protect her kids, whom she invoked repeatedly — and if so, if it was a purely personal decision, […]

Commencement Conclusions

We’re nearing the end of commencement season, and reviews are rolling in.  Fletcher Dean offers up his faves and flops on Ragan.com; Joe Biden and Tom Brokaw get big props, along with environmentalist Paul Hawken, but he thinks Ellen DeGeneres missed in her appearance at Tulane. I admit, I cringed at the same section of […]

May It Please the Court – Supremely

I’ve posted on Maira Kalman before because I think she’s so clever and creative, and because I love the way she uses her art to illuminate her ideas.  Check out her latest piece for the New York Times — a tribute to justice, brave women, spring in Washington, and self-confidence.

America’s Top Role Model

I really appreciated Ed’s post a few days back about the double standard women leaders face on the wardrobe issue. It’s true that Michelle Obama’s clothes garnered a disproportionate amount of attention during this recent Europe trip. And let’s be honest:  she looked fantastic.  Her clothes were gorgeous, and so is she.  It makes me […]